twitter poetry

intentional or unintentional poems founds in the twitterverse

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“Pride of the peach tree/ Sticky juice and liquid smiles/ Impish children flee”

“her bed of roses | smell of an early autumn | his lips to wake her”

“i never said it, // convinced you would laugh in my // face. the music played”

“Space is always going to be the place. We need rocket-ports in every city, all spraying out into the wild green yonder”

“There is something missing here - like forgetting how to breathe, how to grasp the things I want to hold. And how to write.”

“I discovered on Discovery/this is your week/documentary profiling predators/preying upon the meek/Shark Week/I thought of you”

“Masking tape my mouth / Write your pains with a sharpee / Slowly peel back screams”

“eighth floor meeting room voices / hum and buzz ideas / I think sea and sky”

“The poetry of playing with your children in the afternoon”

“monday’s to do: buy backpack and decent travel guidebook. came back with lewis carroll and victorian poetry instead”